Keynote: Hon. Beth McGrath
Hon. Beth McGrath, Deputy Chief Management Officer for Department of Defense

Leading Innovation
Hear an inspirational story of agency innovation in a time of...

Keynote: Jackson Nickerson, Ph.D.
Jackson Nickerson, Associate Dean, Brookings Executive Education

Leading at the Crossroads of Change

Organizational change is the test of...

Keynote Panel

Strategies for Navigating Transition: What to Expect After the Election 
Setting the stage for a high-energy day of big ideas, leadership workshops and...

Hon. Clay Johnson III
Former Deputy Director for Management, Office of Management and Budget, 2003-2008
Lisa Brown
Acting Chief Performance Officer, Office of Management and Budget
RADM John Acton
Executive Director, Leader Development, Department of Homeland Security
Spotlight Session - "Threading the Needle": Running the Rapids of Retirement

Retirement planning today is a little like navigating one's way through whitewater rapids - a hazardous undertaking requiring forethought, adaptability, and skillful decision-making. The federal...

Spotlight Session - Everyday Innovation: Creative Approaches to Boost Mission Effectiveness and Operation Efficiency

At a time of expanding agency missions and tightening budgets, the need for innovation...

Dan Bliton
Learning Strategist, Booz Allen Hamilton
Jill Herzog
Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton
Spotlight Session - Leveraging Private Sector Techniques in Government: The Power of Analytics

This session will outline a value-oriented, enterprise operating model within and across departments and agencies in a vision described as "Enterprise USA,” one of the keys ideas from the new book...

Innovation Track - Leadership Development Workshop: Problem Solving for Innovation


People Track - Collaboration, Innovation and Results: Leveraging the Pathways Programs to Meet Your Mission

As our country faces challenges ranging from caring for returning veterans to protecting the environment, ensuring that the government has the talent it needs to address these issues is critical...

David Uejio
Lead for Talent Acquisition, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Richard Parker
Deputy Associate Attorney General for Diversity Management, Department of Justice
Sydney Smith-Heimbrock
Deputy Associate Director for Strategic Workforce Planning & Executive Director, OPM Innovation Lab
Performance Track - Battle of the Budget: Preparing for 3, 5, and 10

As agencies work through FY14 budgeting, the weight of Congress, the impending election, and ambiguous targets are adding new challenges to the process.This session will feature leading budget...

James Hearn
Director for Federal Programs and Budget Process, U.S. Senate Budget Committee
William Hoagland
Vice President Public Policy, CIGNA
Innovation Track - Innovating Under Pressure

"Innovation" can be more than a buzzword. Whether you're dealing with a troubled program in an entrenched bureaucracy or starting a program from scratch at a new agency, you can leverage...

Aliya Sternstein
Senior Correspondent, Nextgov
Jeff Johnson
Assistant Director, IT Engineering Division, and Chief Technology Officer, FBI
Jonah Czerwinski
Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Jonathan Greenblatt
Director, White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation
People Track - Leadership Development Workshop - Delivering Feedback and Coaching for Success

All employees have different strengths and weaknesses. Managers must get the best from each employee regardless of where they start from by providing frequent feedback and coaching employees. This...

Performance Track - Shifting Missions: How Much Government Do People Want?

The messages emerging from the campaigns, recent polling and developments at the state and local level all suggest that the public's view of and need for government may be changing. What might...

Michael Dimock
Associate Director for Research, Pew Research Center for the People & the Press
Norm Ornstein
Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
Keynote: Gautam Mukunda
Gautam Mukunda, Author, Indispensable: When Leaders Really Matter

Will your next leader be insignificant--or indispensable? The importance of leadership and the impact of...

Spotlight Session - Charting a Course for Stormy Seas: The Intersection of Finance and Human Capital Changes in Federal Agencies

If you think you have the workforce you need to get the job done, you're not paying attention. Surveys of both Federal Chief Financial Officers and Chief Human Capital Officers tell us that...

James Taylor
Chief Financial Officer, Department of Labor
John Palguta
Vice President, Policy, Partnership for Public Service
Spotlight Session - Innovations in Program Staffing Leveraging Social Technology

The most valuable assets in an organization is its people; however, managers and project leaders often have a hard time finding the right people needed to drive innovation. During this session,...

Spotlight Session - The Budget: An Expert Answers Your Questions

Stan Collender has extensive experience on Capitol Hill, and is considered to be one of the world's leading experts on the U.S. budget and congressional budget process. He is one of only a handful...

Innovation Track - Working the Crowd: Case Studies in Agency Innovation Through Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is a relatively new phenomenon that leverages free - yes, free - labor by appealing to the masses to contribute data via the internet. Hear how federal agencies have recently...

Dominic McDevitt-Parks
Resident Wikipedian, National Archives
Kari Craun
Director of the National Geospatial Technical Operations Center at U.S. Geological Survey
People Track - Leadership Beyond Limits: Breakthrough Practices for Increasing Employee Motivation

With a focus on the best methods to inspire and encourage agency employees, this interactive discussion will enrich your understanding of the connection between leadership and employee motivation...

Dan Tangherlini
Acting Administrator, U.S. General Services Administration
David Dye
Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Peggy Focarino
Commissioner, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Reginald Wells
Deputy Commissioner, Office of Human Resources, Social Security Administration
Performance Track - Leadership Development Workshop: Outcome-Driven Performance

Interactive leadership development workshop presented by Brookings Executive EducationThe framework of Leading at the Crossroads of Change will be used to examine how an agency successfully...

Keynote: Steven VanRoekel
Steven VanRoekel, US Chief Information Officer, Executive Office of the President

Innovating With Less

Keynote: Doug McCuistion
Doug McCuistion, Director, Mars Exploration Program, NASA

At a time when government seems to be defined by gridlock, budget uncertainty, leadership turnover, and low morale, landing on Mars was a feat that many considered unattainable. One federal agency...